My name is Morgan, but I’m more fondly known as MoonShine.

In 2017, my husband and I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail with our Siberian Husky, Pneuma. When you hike the AT, even if just for a section, you are given a Trail Name at some point along your hike and that is what you are known by for the duration of your journey. It usually comes at a time where you do something embarrassing, but mine came from two endearing gentlemen – one which had been calling me Sunshine and the other that started calling me Moonbeam after a headlamp mishap that woke the entire shelter up. Instead of choosing between the two, they decided to blend them together into MoonShine for a really funny reason – because drinking moonshine makes you speak Gibberish, which was my husband’s trail name.

After we reached Katahdin and finished our journey, it was a really strange transition to go from being called MoonShine daily to being called Morgan again – to living in a world where no one knew me as MoonShine even though that was a time in life I felt most like myself.

Something that is really important to me in my clay journey is to pay homage to the inspiration from the AT – to somehow capture the vast beauty of Mother Nature into a piece of pottery. I desire for all of my pieces to kindle your adventurous spirit and to keep the outdoors alive in your hearts.

That is, ultimately, why I chose to work under the name “MoonShine” – to pay respect to my time on the AT and to be sure I’m being completely true to myself.

All of my pieces are wheel-thrown and either hand-carved or painted. They each stem from a heart of giving back to you all what the Earth has given me!

I hope you enjoy my work and please know – I LOVE to receive photos of my pieces on their adventures!! <3