Where are you located?
I am located in Central North Carolina, so my times will always be in EST.

Do you take custom orders?
No. At this time, my custom orders are closed for the foreseeable future. Starting January of 2022, I will be opening up limited preorder spots every other month for a different gnome design each time.
Why is your shop empty?
If my shop is empty, that means all of the work from my last release has sold. I release work in small batches, so that means there will always be more to come! Some collections sell really quickly (looking at you, gnome statues) while some stick around in the shop for longer -- it's really hard to know beforehand so my recommendation will always be to try to be on the site at the time of a release if there is something specific you are wanting.
I know you're sold out, but can I place an order anyways?
Unfortunately not. At this time, the only way to place orders is when finished work is listed on my website!
I messaged you, but you never responded...?
My social media inboxes, and often my email inbox, get overwhelmed on a daily basis and I promise I'm not ignoring you! If I don't respond, it's because I haven't seen it - please message me again.
How much does ___ cost?
This is a really hard question to ask as each collection varies quite a bit. I will always try to have a preview, with prices, available before a collection release.
Why do all of the products say "sold out" before your release?
The only way for me to offer a full preview without items being purchased is for the inventory stock to be 0 before the release time. I pinky promise that no items will ever be listed live before a set release time.
Do you offer holds on your work?
I do not offer holds or reserves for any work in order to keep shopping fair for everyone. All work is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.
If I place multiple orders, will you combine the shipping?

If multiple orders are placed and those items can be safely packaged into the same box, I will absolutely combine them and refund you for shipping overages! If they cannot be combined safely, then they will be sent out separately.

Help, I put the wrong shipping address on my order!
It is very important that you check your shipping address before you place your order. If you receive an email from me saying that your order has shipped and you notice the wrong address is on the label, it is already too late as the package is already out of my hands. Typically you can get in touch with USPS and reroute it, but if the package is returned to me, you'll be responsible for the shipping fees to get it sent back out to the correct address.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I will ship anywhere around the world! However, international delivery times are longer than usual due to COVID-19 and some are closed completely -- I recommend knowing if your country is accepting packages before ordering. If your country requires customs or duty tax, please note that these are the responsibility of the buyer. 
Tracking is showing my package is lost/stolen/delayed, now what?
Once a package is shipped, it becomes the responsibility of the USPS. If you have concerns about your package, please contact your local post office or file a claim for the package.
What if my item(s) arrive damaged?
If your item(s) arrive damaged, I recommend filing a claim immediately. You should keep the damaged item and the box it was shipped in - as sometimes USPS requires physical evidence before a refund can be issued. If you would like to reorder, please email me with all of that information!
Do you offer wholesale options?
I do! If you're interested in knowing my pricing for wholesale orders, please email me at morgan@moonshineceramics.com.
Can I put my piece in the microwave/dishwasher?
There will be a note in your package(s) that dictate whether or not your items are dishwasher and/or microwave safe. Please note that I recommend handwashing handmade items regardless as dishwashers can be a rough environment for pottery!
How do I best care for my new pottery?
All pottery is fragile and should be handled delicately. Do your best to avoid thermal shock (extreme temperature changes) -- you should run warm water over your new mug/cup before pouring in boiling water and always avoid freezing your pieces. Gnomes can be used inside or outside without issue, just be conscious of the environment outside - i.e. could the wind blow the gnome over on the concrete?

If you still have unanswered questions, please email me at morgan@moonshineceramics.com!